About Us

Discover Ghost Kitchen Network’s story and why we help empower restaurateurs everywhere to connect with their dream ghost kitchen.

Our Story

Ghost Kitchen Network was founded in 2021 with the purpose of helping restaurateurs find a ghost kitchen that is perfect for their needs.

The idea was born from first-hand experience of spending hundreds of hours trying to find a ghost kitchen to test up a restaurant concept. After not being able to find a suitable kitchen quickly, we launched Ghost Kitchen Network and partnered with the leading nationwide providers to help others connect with a ghost kitchen that matches their needs. 

Since then we’ve connected over 2,000 food trucks, national chains, virtual restaurants, and more with ghost kitchens across the United States and Canada.

If you’re tired of wasting countless hours trying to find a kitchen then reach out and connect with us today.

Who We Help

We help a variety of restauranteurs find their perfect ghost kitchen including:

National Chains



Food Trucks

Local Restaurants

Delivery Only Restaurants

Find Your Perfect Ghost Kitchen